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Chassée par son ex-mari, elle construit un duplex de 7 chambres 8 ans après

Chassée par son ex-mari, elle construit un duplex de 7 chambres 8 ans après
Chassée par son ex-mari, elle construit un duplex de 7 chambres 8 ans après

Une jeune femme nigériane du nom de Okoro Blessing Nkiruka, qui a récemment célébré son 30ème anniversaire, a réalisé son rêve, celui de posséder son duplex de 7 chambres à coucher.

Ravie de constater que l’aspiration qu’elle attendait depuis si longtemps est devenue réalité, la jeune femme, qui est une entrepreneuse florissante, a partagé un post sur sa page Instagram afin de célébrer son exploit et sa nouvelle vie.

Elle a ensuite révélé qu’il existait une histoire derrière sa récente réalisation. Selon elle, il y a huit ans, elle a été renvoyée de la maison de son ex-mari, qui se trouvait être un appartement d’une chambre.

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#storyteller So I am here to share the process, before I share the result . when I do, a lot of small minded fagots will rush out to run their mouth and discredit you. But I am here to always inspire you . The dream of owning properties started from my past when I was thrown out with nothing. Started this project and I got so broken at so many times, there were time I had no money not even one kobo to my name but I did not grumble because I was investing . Sometimes I gave up and told my Mum that I am not doing again before I die, mummy leave me alone am not a Man na,I am very comfortable in my 5 bedroom duplex even tho it’s not my own but I can afford my rent comfortably na ?. My mum will push and encourage me . There were times I was owning up to 7 million naira debts from building material , my Mum went to carry on credit, I will not sleep every night as I will be thinking and strategizing on how to make money . But for every time I fight my inner battle, I still come here to inspire and encourage you . My mum will say Nkiruka you can do it don’t give up now you are close . Sometimes no money to pay my workers , but I will come to Instagram and do give away, just to sow a seed and use it as a point of contact, it wasn’t because I had too much money. Sometimes the workers will frustrate me, this useless agoro boys will come for settlement, the government will carry their own problems and come , money money money, I finally said mummy I am selling this property. My tenants no gree pay rent, one story or the other ,all the investments I made I no see any return I was just frustrated and almost sold off my car . . Bobo said baby who send u, chill I have enough properties why do you like stressing yourself as if you are a widow ??, I told him not to worry I wil build in this location he does not have , shebi na so my ex tell me to chill and las las he threw me out of the property we built together and another woman is sitting jejely in it . I continued with my push and life struggle. Am always excited I share because it was my little drops of water that made me an ocean, but some live inside the ocean but still can’t fetch water . #bceois30 d result.

Une publication partagée par okoro blessing nkiruka (@blessing_ceo) le

Anéantie, elle était devenue une experte en relations, une femme d’affaires prospère et la propriétaire d’un duplex de 7 chambres.

Blessing a partagé des photos de sa nouvelle maison gigantesque à côté de l’histoire touchante qu’elle a racontée.

source: afrikmag.com



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